Food Columns

Articles about food written by Joel:


Strawberries, photo by Brian Prechtel, U.S. Department of Agriculture

AniseThe Allure of Anise

Apricot:  “Moon of the Faith”

ArtichokeThe Artichoke “Undressed”

ArugulaThe “Lascivious” Leaf: The Appeal of Arugula

AsparagusAsparagus: Scents and Non-scents

Avocado:  The “Butter Pear”

BananaThe “Curiousity of the Indies”: The Mysterious Banana

Basil:  Holy Basil

BroccoliLooking for “Andy Boy”

CabbageHead of Its Class

CaperThe Wild Caper

Cashew:  The Nutty Fruit: The Curious Cashew

CeleryThe Celery Cure

ChickpeaThe Battle Over the Bean: The Curious Chickpea

Chili:  Chili Weather     Chili Queens and Powder Men     Chili Goes Balkan     Coneys and Hot Texas Wieners

Chocolate:  “Food of the Gods”: Crossing the Chocolate Bar

Cinnamon“Sweet Wood”: Cinnamon

CloveThe “Nail Incense”: Uncovering the Clove

Coffee:  The “Wine of the Bean”

CorianderSaved from the “Two-Headed Serpent”: The Curious History of Coriander

CouscousSavoring Couscous

CranberryThe “Bitter Berry”: Reclaiming the Cranberry

CucumberThe “Bilious” Cowcumber

CuminHidden Punch: Cumin’s Untold Story

DillA Fine Feathered Friend: The Wonders of Dill

EggplantThe “Mad Apple”: The Terrifying Eggplant

FennelThe Truth about Finocchio: The Fragrant Fennel

FetaA Greek Gift?

GarlicThe “Stinking Rose”: The Glories of Garlic

Ginger“Hot i’ th’ Mouth”: Unearthing Ginger

Guava“The Pear of the Indies”

HibiscusSummer Tonics

LentilThe “Poor Man’s Meat”

LimeLimones Verdes

Mango“The Pride of the Garden”

MintVigor and Venery: The Story of Mint

NutmegThe “Harem Tree”

Olive“A Taste as Old as Cold Water”: The Story of the Olive

Onion: Knowing Your Onions

Orange: Sweet for Sour Oranges

PapayaThe “Fruit of Angels”

Peanut:    Found a Peanut

Pear: Gift of the Gods: The Pear

Pepper, BlackHot Commodity

Pepper, Red:   A Peck of Peppers (Part I)     A Peck of Peppers (Part II)

Pistachio: The Princely Pistachio

PomegranateSour but Sweet

PumpkinPumpkin Eater

Rosewater: A Rose by Any Other Name

SaffronHunting for Gold: The Saga of Saffron

SesameOpen Sesame

Spinach: The “Prince of Leafy Greens” – Spinach

Strawberry: Sex and the Single Strawberry

SugarHow Sweet It Is: The Sugar Saga (Part I)     The Sugar Saga (Part II)

Sweet Potato: Candy from the Field*: The Sweet Potato

TamarindThe “Date of India”

TeaAll the Tea in China

Tomatoes“Home-Grown Tomatoes”

TurmericA Spice to Dye For

VanillaThe Scent of Vanilla

WalnutCracking the Walnut

Watermelon: “What the Angels Eat”: The Watermelon