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Articles by Joel Denker from assorted books, magazines, and newspapers.

The Carrot Purple


Rainbow colored carrots by Stephen Ausmus, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture

Vegetables: Proceedings of the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery 2008

Traces the odyssey of the carrot from purple root vegetable in Afghanistan to today’s more recent orange incarnation.


It’s Ironbound, But It’s Forever Changing

Philadelphia Inquirer, June 27, 1999

The Portuguese transform an ethnic gateway in Newark, New Jersey.


Savoring Ethnic Montreal: It has everything from broccoli to blintzes

Originally from The Boston Globe, May 10, 1998

A Journey Along Montreal’s Main, Boulevard St. Laurent, provides a window on the city’s changing ethnic landscape.


Horchata, The Sweet Latin Drink That Gets Around

Washington Post,  June 18, 2009

Spain’s popular refreshment is reinvented in the Americas.


Ethnic Food Business

The Business of Food, 2007

Traces the rise of ethnic food businesses—groceries, farmers, restaurants, and manufacturers—from immigrant enterprises to mainstream institutions.


“The Horse Started the Business”: The Progresso Story

Ambassador, A Quarterly Publication of the National Italian American Foundation, Fall 2004

Giuseppe Uddo, a young Sicilian immigrant in early twentieth century New Orleans, started out carrying canned tomato paste on a horse-drawn carriage and ended up creating Progresso Foods.